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PINNACLEPOINT-INVESTMENTSPTY Advanced cloud mining services!

Join hundreds of thousands of traders who have already learned the more effective strategies for investing in Bitcoin.




We Are A Team Of Experts In Blockchain Programming, IT Engineers, Product Designers, Marketers And Analysts

We are a team of experts in blockchain programming, IT engineers, product designers, marketers and analysts, reuniting our talents to conceptualize and develop innovative and profitable solutions. Our area of focus is financial markets. We investigate the markets to identify opportunities that we could exploit with automized solutions. Our objective is to provide our community with products to help them build their wealth and reach financial independence and prosperity. So far, we have gained the confidence of over 85 000 private clients and over 2000 business clients. Our mission is to provide professional services and consistently strive to achieve the greatest satisfaction of every customer.The foundation of our company is ripped, competent and highly qualified team. REGISTERED COMPANY NO #601 223 867

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We Provide Exceptional Products That Allows Us To Maximize Efficiency

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Cryptocurrency Investments A cryptocurrency is a digital coin, designed to be transferred between people in virtual transactions.

Cloud Based

Stocks & Bonds

These platforms also provide a worldwide marketplace for those selling stocks and commodities such as agriculture and precious metals.

No transaction fees


Big institutional investors are getting increasingly high on the growth potential for products derived from the cannabis plant, known as marijuana.

Benefits of Using Our Solution

Customer service

24hours customer support,Active management,Licensed and secure script

Advance cloud mining

You can start to earn your first coins from our cloud mining service

Zero transaction fee

Zero transaction fee, guaranteed fast withdrawal

Instant operations

12%referal commission, transperacy,legal company



    Our bot utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence that has been tested and proven across multiple markets. It has been improved upon over 3 years in real trading situations


    Trailing stop loss is an advanced alternative to stop loss. However, this is not offered by default in most exchanges. Our bot is equipped with the function which helps maximize profit and minimize losses.


    Our bot does thousands of simulation with actual historical data in order to compare effectiveness of each strategy and do necessary refinement.

    Benefits & Risks

    Advantages of Pinnaclepoint-Investmentspty

    The benefits of investing with include the ability to gain exposure to different asset classes and market sectors.

  • →Diversification

    →Potential wealth generation

    →Cost-effective investment

    →Access to a range of assets

    →Geared exposure

    →Well managed funds

Sector investment overview

Cryptocurrency 45%
Stocks and Bonds 20%
Cannabis 35%

Pricing Plans

Choose your preferred pack.


*rates are subject to change
  • Minimum deposit $200 daily profit 4.8% for 4 days
  • Maximum: $4,999

  • Instant Withdrawal & 24/7 Hours Support



*rates are subject to change
  • Minimum deposit $5,000 daily profit 6.8% for 6 days
  • Maximum: $9,999

  • Instant Withdrawal & 24/7 Hours Support



*rates are subject to change
  • Minimum deposit $10,000 daily profit 8.9% for 8 days
  • Maximum: $50,000

  • Instant Withdrawal & 24/7 Hours Support



*rates are subject to change
  • Minimum deposit $50,000 daily profit 9% for 10 days
  • Maximum: Unlimited

  • Instant Withdrawal & 24/7 Hours Support



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